Part of my job includes managing and configuring our network devices. Our network is currently spread over multiple sites, some connected by site to site VPNs and some by MPLS (and some by both!!). Most of the networking hardware we use is Cisco, including switches, routers and Pix firewalls.   I have had no formal Cisco training, so I've tried to compile a list of some of the pages that helped me gain the knowledge that I have. I also want to try and give some basic hints and tips that I've picked up over the years.   The intricacies of Cisco systems are still something that I'm very much learning, so I hope to build this page as I gain new knowledge...  

Potential PIX OS 6.3.2 bug

Cisco Visio Shapes

Dial-In VPN using Cisco Client

Cisco Pix Command Reference

Cisco 800 Series Router Configurations

Cisco PIX to Cisco Router VPN

VPN example configs

SSH to PIX Outside Interface

Tools for configuring Cisco devices

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